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Medical Exams

Patients are seen for acute injuries and long-term disability claims.

Dr. Parkerson is a Certified Independent Medical Examiner, and is qualified to prepare ratings by the AMA Guides Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Editions.

Exams are also done for the Subsequent Injury Fund cases, known in some jurisdictions as the Second Accident Fund. Dr. Parkerson can evaluate the medical issues as well as the workers' compensation claim injuries. You get the benefit of one exam rather than multiple IMEs for these complex claims.

To schedule an appointment for an examination, call or email Angela at (410) 366-3627.

Drug Test Reviews

Dr. Parkerson was a Certified Medical Review Officer. He offers drug testing reviews for Department of Transportation (DOT/CDL) exams and individualized testing. Dr. Parkerson provides consultations for causation and return to work (RTW) evaluations for substance abuse issues.

Additional Services

In addition to Specialty testing, Consultations, Drug screen review, File review, and Acute and Chronic Injury care, Case Management, Retirement, and Disability Evaluations, we also offer:

• Impairment Ratings

• Return to Work

• Necessity and Appropriateness of Care

• Future Treatment Needs

• Causal Connection

• Apportionment

Specialty testing includes spirometry, electrocardiogram, weight lifting, and strength assessment. We utilize the most current online version of the Work Loss Data Institute's ODG Guidelines for Treatment and Disability and ACOEM's MD Guidelines.

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